EPI technique (Intratissue Percutaneous Electrolysis) is a new minimally invasive technique that favors the injured tissue regeneration.

The EPI is a new and revolutionary technique in tendon, muscle and ligament tissue treatment. The EPI is a new minimally invasive technique that produce a low intensive galvanic current over the injured tissue, translate into a chemical reaction that destroy the degraded fibrotic tissue and favors the adequate inflammatory response for its regeneration.


For acute and chronic tendon, muscles or ligaments injuries that usually don’t have results with the conservative treatment

With this new technique, a new range of possibilities opens in chronic injuries treatment that usually don´t have good results with the conservative treatment (ultrasound, “cyriax”, massage, infrared, etc.)

But also the acute injuries will benefit allot from this technique. In the muscle breakages, ligament and tendon, the EPI will reduce the liquid collection (hematoma, edema, etc.) of the injurie. The low intensity galvanic current produce a gasification/deionization effect, reducing the volume of the edema or hematoma promoting early healing.


A current pass to the tissue thru an acupuncture needle, guided by echography acting on the focus of the injury.

The current pass to the tissue thru an acupuncture needle connected to the EPI device. The needle is being continuously guided thanks to the echography allowing to treat with great accuracy the injured area and verify our location. The session are very short, the doses are very low and the recuperation time of the injury is minimized by acting on the injured area directly. After the session, an inflammatory response is induced and it’s normal to see an increase in discomfort until the second or third day, and then the symptoms will decrease.

The results on epicondylitis (tennis elbow), plantar fasciitis, shoulder tendonitis, kneel, Achilles, etc. Are great.


In our center, we have receive the best formation directly by the technique creator, The Dr. Jose Manuel Sánchez.

The EPI technique has been discovered by the Spanish physiotherapist Jose Manuel Sánchez, his works and studies in chronic tendinopathies have improve the results and reduce the recovery time of this patients.

In our center we have received directly formation from his education center, reaching the Expert distinctive on EPI, and getting the best experience and training to give it to our patients.