Physiotherapy (Greek physis, ‘nature’, and therapeia, ‘treatment’) is a branch of the Health Sciences, defined as the art and science of treatment through therapeutic exercise, heat, cold, light, water, electricity and massage.


We offer a comprehensive service with high qualified professionals and experienced, by providing through the latest technology, prevention, cure and recovery of our patients. Everything to attend to your needs of health care, commitment to quality: is what sets us apart from the rest.


We always want to be treated in the best way. We hear you, analyze your injury and program the best treatment to suit you. We give individual attention: during the session we only stay with you and do not share your time or your attention with no more patient.



The first day in your first consultation we review your case, we do an assessment and a diagnosis of physiotherapy and we plan your treatment. The first consultation is usually include a Musculoskeletal Ultrasound scan to assess the condition of the injured structures which allows us to better plan your treatment and monitor the evolution.


Since you attend the consultation, we acquired a commitment with the patient: we follow your injury with periodic reviews. We are always available before, during and after your treatment. We maintain the commitment.

If you are an athlete, we also offer you a plan of care before and after the competition. We move to the place of the competition.


Depending on your needs and your injury, our professionals can move to your home, either for an a advice or carry out a specific treatment.

Many patients can not travel to the consultation, people with disabilities appreciate this service.


Based on our experience and the best training to offer you the best solution to your health problem. We are experts at:


Electrotherapy is a discipline that is included within the medicine physics and rehabilitation and is defined as the art and science of treatment of injuries and illnesses by means of electricity.

Its main effects are anti-inflammatory and analgesic, but also have a heat and muscle strengthening effect.

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The massage is a form of manipulation of the superficial and deep layers of the muscles of the body using various techniques, to improve its functions, aid in healing processes, decrease reflects activity of muscles, inhibit the motoneuronal excitability, promote relaxation and well-being and as a recreational activity.

It is probably the most ancient therapeutic tool that the human being used to provide a natural remedy against pain. Its evolution and use has been even to the society, to become the technique of «structured touch» that we know today.

We are official distributors of Compex electrostimulators,


Functional taping to limit movement selectively. This means that the damaging movements are limited, while the rest of the joint motion is allowed.
This is very useful in the sport. Most of the injuries that do not require complete rest, but only a selective rest of the injured area. Moreover, only need to avoid movements or positions that damage the injury, while it is okay to do other movements. These tapings allow, to some extent, continue sporting activities while protecting the injured area. Very useful in ankle or knee sprains, dislocations and instability of shoulder, etc…


Stretching techniques are used to improve the mobility and flexibility of the soft tissues (muscles, connective tissue and skin) and have a normal range of necessary to perform many functional tasks of daily living and help the prevention or relapse the injury. Sedentary life style and our position at the make essential use of stretching to recover our flexibility.

Proprioception is the sense that informs the brain of the position of the muscles, is the ability to feel the relative position of adjacent parts of the body. Proprioception regulates the direction and range of motion, allows automatic responses and reactions, is involved in the development of the body image and in this relationship with space, supporting the planned motor action. Acts in the control of balance, coordination of both sides of the body, maintaining the level of alert of the nervous system and the influence on the emotional development and behavior. Physiotherapy exercises rely more on improving this sense and teach the patient how to control it.


This type of taping also receives the name of kinesiotaping, and yes, this is “the color strips”. It is a bandage that we could say “is fashion”. Sport is a great showcase, and the recent Olympic Games have been the proof of this.

The neuromuscular bandage used special strips, which are hard, resistant and with a very powerful adhesive. This means that they can withstand sweat, water and other weather without change. It is applied directly on the skin, covering muscle areas, not necessarily joint. Although also used in joints, resulting in limitation or favour certain movements.

It has 3 main effects in the tissues:

  • Circulatory effect: the superficial skin folds that are formed by applying the neuromuscular bandage increase the subcutaneous space where perilymphatic capillaries and blood vessels are, thus improving its function.
  • Analgesic effect: the pressure drop on the afferent and efferent receptors that are found in the subcutaneous space, and by improving the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, local (reduces chemical tissue irritation by draining the mediators of the inflammatory process and the pain).
  • Neuro-mechanical effect: all movements of the body are carried out in response to sensorial stimuli that act on the Central nervous system from the outside through the exteroceptors, afferent information given through the skin and fascia to be one of the most abundant and rich in the regulation of normal movement. With the application of neuromuscular bandage we can influence in a particular movement, as well as increase or decrease muscle tone depending on the direction in which is pull of skin.